Thursday, January 7, 2010


All of my fosters are settling in / continuing to do well in their new forever homes!

Ozzy (formerly Magnus) is having a wonderful time with new parents Anthony and Nicole -- and growing into a big boy!  5.5 pounds at his November vet appointment I believe - so I'm sure he's even bigger now!

Spock continues to enjoy life at my parents' house with his new best pal Felix.  Spock enjoys climbing into boxes, sleeping on my Mum's sewing table, knocking over trash cans, and snuggling.  He's a long and lanky cat with an extra long tail!

According to new parents Dick and Joyce, Mac and Cheese (formerly Tabitha and Napoleon) enjoy watching the birds and the squirrels through the window at the bird feeder, watching TV, and playing with the computer  mouse and with each other.  Mac is Dick's best bud and follows him around everywhere, while Cheese is Joyce's girl.

Although still a little skittish around new people, Xena (formerly Buick) is turning into quite the lap kitty with new parents Karen and Chuck.  She is very affectionate with them.

It's so nice to hear about happy endings!  I'm expecting photos of several of these feline friends soon - and will share them if / when I get them!  : )

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