Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crazy Kittens!

Phew! These babies are NUTS! : ) To say that I have four mischievous and energetic kittens on my hands is an understatement!

Now weighing between 1lb 8oz and 1lb 10oz each (just 6-8oz to go before they hit 2lbs!) they are little bundles of crazy! They LOVE to run, play, wrestle, and climb. Just like little monkeys!

Still living in my bathroom for now, they get lots of free roaming time during the day, but go back in their box at night to stay safe. This morning I woke up, walked into the bathroom, and Magnus was tightrope walking along the edge of the box wall! I put hm back in, only to go back in minutes later and find him sitting NEXT to the box looking up at me as if to say "take that!"

Travis and I have been debating over the past week or so where a better place to house them would be. It's hard having three other animals, and lots of STUFF that kittens can get in to (the particularly like any kind of cable, and garbage cans!) We really couldn't think of a great place to put them.

And then it hit me!

We live in a beautiful 1920's house and both bedrooms feature HUGE, long closets. While we obviously have lots of clothes in our closet, and use it frequently, the closet in the spare bedroom is well... full of junk...

It's about 6 foot wide by 24 foot long... it's actually bigger than my office, with sloped ceilings, a window, and hardwood floors. It's going to be the PERFECT kitten room! So... after we get this weekend out of the way (Travis is in a wedding and our house will be full of human guests) the closet will be cleaned out and the kittens will be moving in. It's going to be great!

Come back and visit soon for photos of the new kitten room - and more kitten updates!

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