Sunday, September 27, 2009

Spock Goes Home!

This weekend my parents came into town and took Spock, who they are adopting, back with them to their home.

Spock is heading to their house in Tecumseh where he will live with my parents and his new feline brother, Felix. He is going to have such a great home and since he's with my parents - I'll be able to see him for the rest of his life! So exciting!

Before they headed back to the East side of the state we snapped some pictures...

The first picture of me with all four of my babies! They're so big!

Magnus wanted to be the center of attention.

Me and Spock with his new collar, all ready to head to Tecumseh.

Adopters Susan & Philip Eversden with Spock.

I would be lying if I said I didn't shed a tear after they left! I'm not sure why I got emotional - I am VERY happy for him to be going to my parents' and I will see Spock next Friday when I head down there for part of the weekend. I guess it's just a little hard to see the babies go! This is one of the reasons I couldn't be a kitten foster all the time - although I suppose it would get easier over time!

Stay tuned for more Spock updates, and for more kitten adoption news!

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  1. Not surprising that this was bittersweet for you. But so glad he's going to such a great home with your parents!