Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cute Kitten Faces!

Hi! I'm Spock! I'm the tiniest of the litter, but what I lack in size I sure make up for in character! This isn't the best picture of me... I haven't quite grown into my huge eyes and ears yet, but I'm such a lover!

I'm Magnus, and I'm the biggest and strongest of the bunch! I'm ready to run and pounce and play, I'm just waiting for my brothers and sisters to catch up with me!

I don't have a name yet... but I'm awful cute! We just can't decide on the perfect name for me. I purr a lot, I was the first of my siblings to do so!

I'm Tabitha... but you can call me Tabs for short. I'm a little snuggler, and love to cuddle!

1 comment:

  1. Ok...seriously....these kittens are SO cute!! Have you found any of them homes? Reason I'm asking is because Anthony and I were thinking about getting a cat and both of us think that Magnus is just adorable. Let me know if they have homes or if you are still looking and when they can be "adopted" out. You're such a good kitten momma!!!