Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Naming

"Come and gather in the meadow
In the meadow, in the sun
Come together everyone
Now the naming has begun

Leave your burrow, field, and furrow
For the meadow and the sun
Come and gather everyone
Now the naming has begun
The naming, the naming"

The Naming, from Children of Eden

I was super hesitant to name the kittens at first. Since they were so little and vulnerable, and expected not to live, I didn't want to get attached.

Although we're not 100% safe yet, I feel like these little guys and gals have made it through a challenging first two weeks of life, and deserve names of their own. At least for now! Once adopted, they'll get brand new names I'm sure (from what I hear there are name lists in progress in the Hillman household!) but at least for now I think they'd rather be called something other than "grey one" don't you think?

So here's where I need some help from you. I've got names for two of them, but not the others. I grabbed some photos of them all after bathtime today. Yes... I did say bathtime...

The pictures aren't the best - but they are SO hard to take photos of right now! They are so squirmy! : ) So, meet our little friends. And if you have a name idea for the two baby girls - leave a comment!



Meet GIRL #1

Meet GIRL #2

PS) If you look really closely... you can see their pupils starting to form. So exciting!


  1. You are such a great mom to these kittens. They are adorable. I will think on the names.

  2. They are SO CUTE!!!

    You and your husband are wonderful for taking these babies in!!

  3. I want a kitty so bad, but that would put me in charge of 3 cats and a baby..not a good idea! I would give you name ideas, but all of our names were inspired from south park for our cats, bebe and butters :)

  4. Just looked on our list of names :) Not many girl names on there, but we have: Athena, Paulina, Princess & Muse that might work... Love the new pictures of them--so sweet!

  5. My thoughts on names- Holly for girl # 1 and Emma for Girl # 2. Or Sugar and Spice. I know those those 2 sets of names are totally different from each other... but that's what popped into my head... what can I say! Love the new kitty blog- great idea.