Saturday, November 28, 2009

Adoption Event - Carol's Ferals

Today all three Buick, Tabitha, and Napoleon went to an adoption event held by CAROL'S FERALS at the Centerpointe Mall in Grand Rapids, MI. Sadly, none of them found their forever homes today - but there were a lot of people interested in them!

Tabitha and Napoleon adjusted to the bright, noisy mall very easily and greeted people through their cage, while Buick had a bit harder time and spent most of the time curled up sleeping!

Although Buick, Napoleon and Tabitha are still searching for the right homes for them, FOUR other cats and kittens were adopted today. Hooray!

Carol's Ferals will be holding another adoption event this upcoming Saturday (December 5) at the same location, from 10-5pm. Come see us and all the wonderful adoptable cats and kittens!


  1. they're all so adorable! i wish we could take one :(

  2. quick question: do you know if jolyn has a blog or site where she uploads her photos from the event? my husband and i adopted frizzy and roady at the event on saturday and she took a couple pics of us holding the cats that i really want copies of to brag about our new babies. = ) sorry to be (slightly) off your blog.

  3. Not off topic at all, Anna! Email Jolyn @ and I am sure she can send them to you. She may also put them on the Carol's Ferals blog - I'll let her know you're looking for them! : )