Thursday, November 12, 2009

A note from Ozzy (formerly Magnus) and his new humans!

Hey Joanne...

Lots of new stuff to tell you. Ozzy went to the vet for his first visit there. All of the nurses fell in love with him. He got a clean bill of health and found out that he weighs 4.2 pounds!! He's getting SOOO big!! He goes back to the vet on the 19th of this month to get his next shot :)

Ozzy now has run of the apartment when we are gone. The bedroom doors and bathroom doors are still closed, but the rest of the apartment is his. He's been such a good boy too. No problems, accidents or torn up carpet or furniture. It appears that he sleeps the majority of the day and keeps us up all night. We've let him have run on the bedroom at night as well, although this might change soon. He has this great game he plays at night called "pounce on Anthony's head". He does it because he can hear him snoring and Ozzy thinks that Anthony is playing with him. I got him a bed to sleep in, but he doesn't seem to want anything to do with it.

What else...OF COURSE!! Buddy and Ozzy. On the weekends, Ozzy goes to my parents house. Ozzy LOVES to pounce, bite, and paw at Buddy. At first, Buddy was not happy about Ozzy being in HIS house, but now they seem to play quite nice together. Ozzy has this game where he hides on my parents chairs at their kitchen table. Buddy will walk by and Ozzy jumps off of the chairs onto Buddy's back. He then rides the back of Buddy like he's a horse. He loves to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house and play with Buddy on the weekends :) Grandpa is so in love with little Ozzy too!!

Ozzy seems to have an OBSESSION with the bathroom. He was in one for the first few weeks that we had him when we were gone, and now he won't leave them. We have to close the door otherwise Ozzy will spend all day and night hanging out in the bathtub! He doesn't seem to mind water too much. He doesn't like to be IN water, but he loves to go and explore the bathtub after someone has gotten out of the shower. The other night I gave him his first bath here too. I got a wash cloth and got it wet with some soap and gave him a scrub down. He seemed to not mind it too much, but he did groom himself for at least an hour after trying to get himself dry.

He's been so much fun!! Never a dull moment with him and he loves to greet me when I come home buy jumping up on my leg until I pick him up. I'm 100% sure to get lots of Ozzy kisses first thing when I come home and I look forward to it every day!

-Nicole, Anthony and little Ozzy-

Ozzy loves to sit on our window and look at all the ducks outside. I'm going this week to get him a window perch (my parents have one for Buddy and Ozzy will sit on it for hours and look outside)

Ozzy thinking about how to pounce on Buddy :)

Ozzy and Buddy behind the couch. Ozzy looks like a boxer and is having a blast taunting Buddy.

Anthony and Oxzzy on the couch sleeping.

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