Sunday, October 18, 2009

Buick Update #1

I hope that my regular followers don't mind me including little Buick on this blog... I think it's appropriate, don't you?

Buick had a rough first day with us. She had horrible diarrhea (which she would then lay in) and it was just an awful mess.

The good news is that the messy poop is a thing of the past and she's eating and drinking like a champ. She MUCH prefers dry kitten food to the wet stuff which is more than fine by me.

I gave her some de-wormer yesterday and have been giving her some eye drops twice a day. I think her eyes are looking a little less goopy in general - but usually in the morning's they are crusted shut with mucus and I have to pry open her eyelids and clean them up. Poor baby!

Today she got her first real bath - and she was such a trooper! To give you just a little idea of how dirty this little girl was... check this out...

Yup, that's the water after we were done. Gross! I think it's going to take at least two or three more shampoos until we get her truly clean - but this bath made a huge initial improvement. Look!

She's starting to look like a real kitten instead of a dirty little vagabond! : ) I think she's actually going to be quite pretty...

I can't stress to you how super friendly this little girl is. All she wants to do is curl up on your lap and purr away. She really likes being close to people. I couldn't get a photo of her on the ground because she kept jumping up into my lap.

Later today we'll be cleaning ears and clipping toenails - one thing at a time! Bad news is that Carol's Ferals' vet is out of town this week so she won't be able to go to intake until next week. I'm not too worried about her health wise - I think she'll make it just fine until then. That does mean that she's our house guest for a week now... but at this point I can't give her to someone else until after she's seen the vet and I know what's in store for her.

More kitten news coming later today, including updates on Tabitha and Napoleon. Both babies are still looking for homes and need to find their forever families ASAP. Anyone have room for a kitten? : )

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