Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ozzy (formerly known as Magnus) Update!

I got a great update from Ozzy's (formerly Magnus) new Mom Nicole last night and wanted to share some of the photos and stories she sent. ENJOY! I'm so happy he's settling in so well, Nicole!

Ozzy is doing so great here and has really made himself at home. He's investigating everything!! My parents came to see him yesterday and they fell in love with him too.

He loves to chase balls (I have some with feathers on them that he LOVES because he can pick them up and take them to wherever he wants). He is so curious about everything. He was a little scared the first night of all of the new noises that he was hearing (the furnace kicking on, the water running, washer and dryer going, etc) but has gotten used to almost all of them. The only thing that he's still a little leery of is our sliding door opening and closing (not a lot of that going on with how cold it is though). The thing that amazes me about Ozzy is that when he hears something that scares him, he runs....but comes right back to investigate. He's VERY brave!!!

During the day when one or both of us is home, he loves to sit in the living room and play, play, play. Sometimes he wants you to play with him...he makes this quite obvious by jumping up and biting at your fingers. He has a small cat cube that has a scratch post and balls hanging from it and I put the "fishing pole" in the top of the cube and he plays with it for hours at a time. I wish I could bottle up some of his energy!!! He plays and plays, but once they get under the couch he goes on to another toy. I guess the under part of our couch is the toy graveyard until I go under there and bring them all back out to play with again. I brought out a big paper bag that he loves to play with too...not to mention boxes :)

I will say that he's the perfect blend of spunk and love!! He loves to play, but he also loves to be loved. Last night he fell asleep on my chest :) Occasionally he will jump up and just want to be pet and loved. He LOVES music and goes right to Anthony when he's singing or playing the piano. I was out yesterday with my parents in Frankenmuth and when we came home, Ozzy was curled up on the couch next to Anthony listening to classical music just as content as can be.

Ozzy also has a fascination with the fireplace and the television and computer. When I'm using the computer, he comes running and jumps up and walks all over the keys to see what's going on the screen. He bats at the cursor on the screen and just cocks his head to the side and stares at whatever is up on the screen. Same with the television. He just sits and looks at it trying to figure out what it is. The fireplace is something that he's not really figured out yet...but he's really trying.

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