Sunday, October 25, 2009

Buick Update #2 - A Snotty Mess

Poor baby Buick. She is not having an easy time.

After he mucous-y eyes cleared up quickly after starting eye drops and antibiotics I was feeling positive about her progress. Unfortunately, it hasn't been smooth sailing since then.

After a couple of different bouts with diarrhea, her stool is consistently normal at least. That's a good thing.

Her eyes have been super weepy, just clear drainage though not mucous. And her nose has been draining constantly and she's been sneezing all over the place. WAY more than when I first got her.

I did talk to kitten expert Stephanie, who does a lot of kitten fostering for Carol's Ferals and worked with me when I was raising my litter of kittens, who said that clear drainage is much better the mucous, and that the antibiotics will cause the mucous to break up and drain out, and that she has to sneeze it out.

This makes perfect sense. A lot like a human cold, right? You have different stages.

So I'm hoping that the antibiotics have been working and that this upper respitory infection is just running its course. The boor baby SOUNDS like she has a cold. Her purr is all raspy and stuffed up.

She's also had a hard time eating and drinking the past few days.

I just feel so bad for her!

Good news is that tonight she FINALLY gets to go to the vet! So please, send good karma and thoughts Buick's way tonight. Let's hope with all our might that she can get treatment she needs, checks out okay on other fronts, and after rehab-ing (with me, of course) can go into Carol's Ferals' adoption program. She is SUCH a sweet girl and I'd love nothing more than to see her find her forever home. She deserves it after all she's been through!


  1. poor baby! she's luck she has someone who can take care of her and love her up!

  2. She looks like she's comfortable, as much as she can be. So cute!

  3. Poor baby, I'll send some good thoughts her way. Glad you did an update on her I've been curious.

  4. Hoping for good news from the vet! -Erica B